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Taizhou Chengxiang Trading Co., Ltd. located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China, specializes in felting needles. With outstanding quality and needle-matching solutions. The company has served customers worldwide for more than 30 years. Our partner factory is a premier nonwoven needle specialty manufacturing company in China with more than 30 years of professional needle making experience and history from 1989 to the present. The Factory has an annual production capacity of 1 billion needles and the felting needles are in very large specification including triangular needles, conical needles, cross star needles, fork needles, teardrop needles, quadro needles, spiral needles, inverted barb needles, vario-barbs needles and so on, What is important is that we accept customization and finish the production with 10 days.


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  • The Role of Textile Machinery Felting Needles

    Textile machinery felting needles are essential components in the production of nonwoven textiles, particularly in the process of needle felting. These specialized needles play a critical role in entangling and interlocking fibers to create nonwoven fabrics with diverse ...

  • Optimizing Artificial Leather Manufacturing with Advanced Felting Needle Technology

    Artificial leather, also known as faux leather, is a synthetic material designed to mimic the look and feel of real leather. It is commonly used in a wide range of products, including clothing, upholstery, and accessories. One popular method of working with artificial le...

  • Enhancing Efficiency and Quality in Industrial Felting: The Needle Perspective

    Industrial felting machine needles are specialized tools used in the manufacturing process of industrial felting machines. These needles play a crucial role in the production of various felted products, including textiles, carpets, and technical felts. The industrial fel...

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