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Taizhou Chengxiang Trading Co., Ltd. located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China, specializes in felting needles. With outstanding quality and needle-matching solutions. The company has served customers worldwide for more than 30 years. Our partner factory is a premier nonwoven needle specialty manufacturing company in China with more than 30 years of professional needle making experience and history from 1989 to the present. The Factory has an annual production capacity of 1 billion needles and the felting needles are in very large specification including triangular needles, conical needles, cross star needles, fork needles, teardrop needles, quadro needles, spiral needles, inverted barb needles, vario-barbs needles and so on, What is important is that we accept customization and finish the production with 10 days.


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  • Industrial Filter Fabric Needle

    Industrial filter fabric needles are typically made from high-quality steel wire, as this material offers excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. The needles are designed to be strong and rigid, allowing them to penetrate and manipulate the layers of filter fab...

  • Felting Machine Needles: Understanding the Role of Triangular Needles

    Felting machine needles are indispensable components within the realm of industrial felting, serving as the key enablers of producing high-quality felted fabrics. Triangular needles, in particular, are a specific type of felting needle...

  • Non-woven Fabric Machine and Felting Needles: Enhancing the Fabric Production Process

    In the textile industry, non-woven fabrics are increasingly gaining popularity due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly nature. Non-woven fabric machines play a crucial role in the production of these fabrics, emp...

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