Felting needle application – geotextiles

Geotextile, also known as geofabric, is made of synthetic fibers by needling or weaving of water-permeable geosynthetic materials. Geotextile is one of the new materials geosynthetic materials, the finished product is cloth, the general width is 4-6 meters, the length is 50-100 meters.Staple fiber needled nonwoven geotextiles are divided into polyester, polypropylene fiber, nylon, vinylon, ethylene fiber and other needled nonwoven geotextiles according to raw materials.The characteristics. of geosynthetic is water permeability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high tensile strength, aging resistance and so on. Geotextile is a kind of geotechnical material widely used in the construction of roads, reservoirs, tunnels, DAMS and so on. Its main functions are separation, filtration, drainage, stabilization and reinforcement. Because of its extensive application and importance, the tensile strength, breaking strength, permeability and fabric weight and other properties are very high requirements. The star needle of Hengxiang needle is most suitable for the production of high strength geotextile, especially for the production of artificial staple fiber and spinning clay cloth is more obvious. The star-shaped needle of the four-sided hook spines enables a high entanglement rate and reduces the damage to the fibers. There are many types of fibers used to produce geotextiles, depending on the specific application. Common ones are polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. The fiber thickness is usually between 4 and 10 danels, with some products using a thicker fiber. The needling depth is generally 10 to 12mm, and the needling density is generally 100 to 400 needles per C square meters. Spinning clay cloth usually needs a high-speed needling machine with a speed of 2000 to 3000 thorns per minute, and the needling density is relatively low. Usually the main needling machine is 100 to 300 thorns per C square meters, and the recommended needling depth is 10 to 12mm.

Post time: May-06-2023